The Great Game: Countries at War Over Oil Reserves

The threat of nuclear war between India and Pakistan is just one piece of a larger geopolitical conflict that is quickly escalating -Countries at War over Oil Reserves called “The Great Game” by Dr. Kent Moors. Larger, richer countries are at war over oil reserves. Pakistan & India are just a small piece of the list of countries at war over oil reserves.

As this Great Game plays out, the United States will enter a period that could be tremendously volatile for the U.S. economy, for world economies, and for all currencies.

The Cost of Countries at War Over Oil Reserves

Americans who fail to recognize the significance of the Great Game and who are caught off guard by the resultant stock market volatility stand to lose at least $1.41 trillion every year, not to mention having billions wiped from their bank accounts due to spikes in energy prices and sudden drops in the value of the dollar. In other words, countries aren’t just going to war over oil reserves, they’re going to war over money.

However, those who understand how all the pieces are moving in this Great Game have a chance to profit from the trillions of dollars that will be there for the taking…