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Dr. Kent Moors: What is The Zero Line

“What is The Zero Line, Anyway?”

The Zero Line is the Most Dangerous, Militarized Border on the Planet.

It’s 460 miles long, 340 of which are covered by a double row of 12-foot high, electrified barbwire fencing.

Now, where the fencing stops, row after row of landmines begin. There are thousands of them.

And, on both sides of the Zero Line, the Indian and Pakistani armies have deployed an estimated 650,000 troops.

And tens of thousands of police and paramilitary forces.

In the Himalayan Mountains, snipers are camped out in camouflage posts and rock crevices.

They’ve even taken this conflict 20,000 feet above the Zero Line in the Siachen Glacier.

It’s nicknamed “the highest battleground on earth.”

There are 150 manned posts and 6,000 troops just on this glacier.